Branding is more

than just a logo.

Does branding really matter? Is it that important? A logo is just a logo isn't it?

Branding goes far beyond just a logo or a graphic element. It's a customer's experience of your business. It's how they perceive you, interact with you, feel about you. Strong branding is the most valuable asset your company can have.


 If that sounds a bit deep, then here is why it is so important:

In the age of the internet, we have a choice - a whole worldwide web of choice at our fingertips. This, from a company point of view, means competition - a whole worldwide web of competition. 

So, what's your main asset? What's the thing that sets you apart? It's not your pricing strategy, your profit margins, your innovative packaging or product that will keep you going. They each have a life-cycle.


The thing that sets you apart is your brand. Your brand is your differentiation, your USP. And as with most activities that are marketing related,  it is something that is all-too 

often overlooked by businesses and organisations.

But what is it about some brands that just work, that get consumers in a frenzy?

It is connection with its audience. A strong brand connects emotionally with customers, it creates lifelong relationships with them, therefore they become irreplaceable. A strong brand stands out in a densely crowded marketplace. It means something to its customers. They love it, they trust it, they believe in it,  they think it's superior, it offers them something they feel they need in their life.

How a brand is perceived affects its success.

At The M Word Media,  we are passionate about working with businesses to understand your values, beliefs and 'voice'. Understanding this and then properly communicating it will  allow you to create a stronger brand identity, and enable your target customers to connect with you on a deeper, more emotional level, which will then drive value to your business.

Take our word for it, we won't just create a graphic and call it your brand. 

Branding is far more than just a logo.

Each touch point of a brand is an opportunity to increase awareness and build customer loyalty.


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