A good design needs to perform

When you think of some of the most recognisable brands in the world, you will be able to instantly picture their colour scheme or logo, possibly even the fonts they use. This isn’t an accident - much time is spent on designs that best reflect brands’ DNA, their ethos and the story they want to tell - as well as the emotions they want to evoke among customers.

For design work to be truly transformational for a brand, it is vital that this creative vision is aligned with the business strategy. These designs will work collectively with all other elements within the marketing mix to express a brand’s purpose and meaning.

It is no wonder why design has become more important to businesses than ever before. It is a vehicle in which brands can express themselves across an increasingly complex and congested ecosystem of platforms and spaces. It is a means by which companies can build emotional connections with consumers.

It allows brands to speak with visuals to echo the soundbites of text and social media content.

In a world where consumers are bombarded with an overload of information against a backdrop of shorter attention spans and ever expanding audience touch points, design that is both correctly conceived and effectively executed can be crucial in helping brands build long-lasting connections with customers.

Great design stimulates the senses. It can make customers fall in love with your brand. It can be joyful or whimsical. Or simple or serious. It can enable a brand to change, evolve and survive. It can reach an audience to engage, delight and surprise.

Done well, design can open up infinite opportunities for businesses of all sizes, from all industries. 

Your website is your window

A website is the digital version of window shopping - it's the best opportunity you've got to say everything you want to say.

Make sure it's everything you are as a business. A website may just one element of the overall 'marketing mix' - but it's a crucial one.

Whist we're living in a world where everything is just a click make sure your website stands out from the crowd. It's most likely the first thing a customer will see of your brand and business, so make sure it leaves a good impression. We're here to help get your website up to scratch.


A good design doesn't have to be complex - it's not always about re-inventing the wheel

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