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Is outsourcing marketing the future for your business?

Ever thought of it? If not, we explain why outsourcing your marketing could be a smart and cost- effective move for your business

All too often, marketing takes a back seat or is overlooked completely by businesses. Worse still, for smaller companies, it is left to a worker with a bit of spare time on their hands with no experience of where to start when it comes to delivering a marketing strategy that’s going to have any success.

Whilst the worker in question may be very skilled at their job, arming them with a blank business Twitter account, vague directions to ‘put something about the company on social media’ and then leaving them to take the reins of ‘marketing’ as a lunchtime sideline with no experience could even prove detrimental to business.

It is vital that business owners understand that they - and their staff- need to carry on with  what they do best, which is running the company. 

And - as marketing can be the factor that helps to make or break businesses - it’s a job that should be left to the professionals, and certainly not something to be considered as an afterthought, left to chance, or approached with the attitude that ‘anyone can do it’. Marketing -and good marketing at that - doesn't just happen!

Outsourcing your marketing can often be a smart and cost-effective move. Here’s a few reasons why:

Save time:

Whether you’re a company with two or 200 on the payroll, handing over marketing duties to a third party frees up time across the board. Creating and developing a well thought-out marketing campaign, complete with well-written press releases, blogs, informative features and social media strategies that are going to engage customers and have a positive impact on business takes knowledge, experience and time. Get in marketing and PR specialists to sort all that and let your team get on with doing their actual jobs.

Gain an outside perspective:

You’re close to your business. You understand exactly what you do, how you do it, and why. But such an intrinsic knowledge of your business can be a downfall when it comes to being commercial, and successfully marketing to the customer/consumer. For a start, do you really think customers understand your in-house jargon? The answer is no. 

To coin an old phrase, companies can be guilty of failing to see the wood for the trees when it comes to their approach to marketing. Businesses have to face the facts that their concepts of which aspects of the business should be enhanced in marketing may be biased by too much inside knowledge or by being too sales orientated. This is a common mistake which many, even larger, organisations make.

Bringing in a specialised outside party that is not entrenched in the organisation, yet is capable of fully understanding the needs of the business, can give you a much better perspective on the best marketing angles that you may have missed.

Expert input:

When you work with outsourced marketing and PR professionals, you’re bringing in experts in the field. It is their primary occupation - and they have not only the experience, but the resources, knowledge, skills and contacts to get more effective results. You’ll also be able to benefit through benchmark comparisons to competitors, and more effectively measure the success of your company’s marketing.

Increased flexibility:

When a marketing opportunity arises, is your company equipped to take advantage of it? Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to scale your marketing up or down according to your current needs, without having to make staff changes or interrupt the day-to-day business.

Do More With Less:

Outsourcing allows your business to make the most of marketing on multiple channels without overwhelming your team as you would if you were taking on the task in-house. Think website content, creation of interesting blog copy, eye-catching newsletters, branding and social media strategies that will have the desired effect. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to making marketing really count. A capable marketing company will be responsible for single campaigns right through to entire marketing functions, all tailored to the needs of your business.

Save Money:

Aside from benefiting from professional input - outsourcing your marketing is often the cheapest option. There’s no set salary, recruitment costs, training costs, sickness pay, holiday pay or pension contributions to consider when taking on a third-party for your marketing and PR. It’s also likely that you and your chosen marketing company will agree a recurring expense that simplifies your budgeting and helps to guard against unexpected outlays of money and resources.

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