• Vicky

When trying to be too clever is just stupid!

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Georgie shares her very recent (2 seconds ago to be precise) experience when being too clever doesn't always work and why it is important to think of the forward thinking steps that need to be taken in marketing...

Ever done that thing where you have been too clever and it backfires....?

Yep, me too! Even at my old age I still do it - in fact I have just done it through our own social media page - epic fail. You may think why would a professional marketing/pr company want to tell us how they epically failed by being being too clever? Surely, that is bad for business!?

You know what it could be - but we're also only human and we all make mistakes even when we are professional 30 something (24) year olds. So I thought I would be honest and hold my hands up!

What did I do?

I love Twitter - huge fan of how it works, how it connects and engages people. There I was pinning our tweet to the top of page and editing our profile so it is more engaging to our potential customers. Then I thought I would be clever, a little quirky and add in the company's date of birth as a promotional exercise to see how it could work with some ideas that I had.

All sounds great - never thought anything of it and clicked the button. 

The, are you sure you want to change you DOB appeared on the screen. Then I thought no. No I don't. Too late! I couldn't change it back the deed was done and this popped up:

​Oh no!

So now, Twitter thinks I am under 13 years of age - which is what I did say, because I told it my age was 3!! Me, foolishly thinking (and I have no idea why really because Twitter isn't human) it would recognise that I was a business and not an actual 3 year old - jeez, that would be a pretty clever 3 year old.

I never once thought of it and easily thought that I could change it back to day/month/year. Yes, I did try this and no it does not work.

Don't be too clever

So this made me think about how this happens in marketing whether it be campaigns, promotional activity, content marketing - whatever it may be, we can all at times get so carried away with our own creativeness that it actually shoots us in the foot. 

Our target market would have probably thought it was a bit weird anyway so my point is - THINK AHEAD AND DON'T BE TOO CLEVER and remember when your message, or part of the message, just anything to do with your brand is going in front of a large audience, it needs to be accessible to your ideal customer. That means they need to be able to not just see or read it, but actually understand it (and not think you are 3!)

This is most definitely an experience to share for a #WednesdayWisdom or #ThursdayThoughts and I am equally embarrassed that Twitter has my driving license with my photo which looks like a mug shot.

Hopefully we will be back to connect soon!